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  • Steve Tadlock

A Long Overdue Update...

It has been a long and frustrating two years. We have been plagued with delay after delay, missed deadline after missed deadline, lack of contractor availability, lack of materials and COVID just to name a few.

Our biggest setback came right at the end of the development project in May, 2021. The very last thing that we were waiting on was sign off from the city so we could get our plats recorded. We were informed after final submittal to the city that our approval had expired just a short while before. The option to extend the approval had also expired and we had to start over. I mean back to square one with a hearing before planning and zoning stating "we bought this piece of land and this is what we want to do with it..."

With all that said, keeping this site updated has not been a priority and has, in some ways, been salt in the wounds. But now we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. We are expecting final sign off from the city and county and our plats recorded by the end of November 2021. At that point we can submit for building permits.

As long as everything goes smoothly from here (I am not holding my breath, just keeping my fingers crossed) we could be breaking ground by the end of January 2022.

Here are some recent pictures of the property.

And with the completed perimeter fence.

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