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The Search Is On...

What started out as a joke ... "hey, we should build a neighborhood and all live next to each other!" turned into a serious thought over time.

Brenda & Steve need a new house to retire in and host the family get-togethers more comfortably. Marie would like a single story, close to family with enough space for Mom & Dad if it is ever needed. JJ needs an accessible house in his price range that meets his special needs. Steven & Karlie and the grand-babies need to live next door to Papa and Grandma, because ... why not? Audra & Eric agree. And Mackenzie says "Hey, what about me?".

So we started looking into what it would take to buy some land, sub-divide it and build six houses over the next few years.

After finding an amazing realtor (Thanks Jennifer Grey @208 Real Estate!) her and Marie started the search for open lots of land in the general area. And a ton of them, there are NOT.

After a few false starts and what we will put down as some learning exercises, we finally found the perfect lot. 8880 West Cory Lane. 1.7 acres of land in West Boise, right down the street from Mom & Dad.

The land is the perfect shape for a cul-de-sac with 6 lots. Check out the next blog post to see our lot and house plans!

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The house and a few trees came down today. More is scheduled to happen tomorrow.

The demolition and grubbing is happening later than we had hoped but the schedule is Friday July 5 8am. We thank our neighbors for their patience, those weeds will be gone soon!!

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